Sunday, 24 October 2010

Studio Tour Photos

I was at Noelle Hamlyn's home/studio in Port Credit for the weekend for the first annual Mississauga Artisan Studio Tour. The weekend was long but good. I think for the first year of the show it was a good turnout, lots of very friendly people stopped by.

My little display corner.

It makes me extremely happy that the gummy bears make a rainbow now.

Noelle had a pineapple, so we put it with my goblets. It also makes me extremely happy.

Some more blown work on top of the piano, it was the perfect spot.

Noelle's pocket book purses are so fantastic.
She uses vintage books to create really unique and lovely purses.

The house was right on the Credit River.
You can see part of the beautiful view in the background.

Some more of Noelle's work, this one is called "After Nell" and it's made using a variety of tea bags that have been quilted together.

More of Noelle's embroidered paper work.

Thanks to those who came out to visit!

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