Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Well after a lot of waiting I finally got the news I wanted to hear. I have a plan for September! Back to school it is! I was accepted into the jewellery program at NSCAD (the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design). To say I am thrilled is an understatement. The possibilities are so exciting and I am so happy to be taking this next step in my career. Plus, as you can see from my last post, Halifax is fantastic.

More things that make it fantastic:

This amazing used bookstore on Barrington Street.

The Public Gardens

Theodore Tugboat! Oh... and the ocean!

Now, to find a pub that has chicken fingers....


shannongerard said...

all the pubs are awesome. they bring you tester tiny glasses of beer so you can decide what kind you want before committing to a whole pint! SO PROUD OF YOU. i loooove halifax!! (and you!)

Emma Gerard said...

Thank you!!! You will come visit me, yes??? Please!!

Kerri said...

That's so exciting Emma! I hope you love it there! I can't wait to see what you'll be up to in jewellery! Will you be able to do any flameworking as well?

Emma Gerard said...

Thanks Kerri! I seriously can't wait to be a student again. So exciting!!

The Nova Scotia Centre for Crafts and Design has a little flameworking studio. But I know they only have open studio access on Saturdays. So I need to investigate some more options. But a friend of mine from Sheridan also got accepted for sculpture, and he has a torch he is probably bringing... so who knows.

I'll see you at One of a Kind!

shannongerard said...

hrm, let's see? can i visit my fav cousin in one of my fav cities? i GUESS so.

Emma Gerard said...

Do it!!