Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Take a Seat Campaign

This is not glass related but is a subject very dear to my heart. My old high school, Burlington Central High School is raising money to revamp the auditorium. More specifically to get new seating that will allow them to go from this:

to this!

I miss theatre constantly and sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I had stuck to my original plan of pursuing technical theatre instead. I had so many great times in the auditorium at Central and made lifelong friends in the process. It's where I learned the obsessive organization and list making skills that I still use today. I owe so much to everything I experienced there.

Things I miss the most:

- Sarah yelling at people for breathing over the headsets.
- Dancing backstage to "Y'all Got It" with Max
- When you know something went wrong and it was your fault the dread you felt when Mrs. Z would clatter onto the headsets and slowly say your name.
- Two Words: Almost Paradise.
- The Sears Festival and the great sense of community it evoked. Except when we went to Sudbury, that was the worst trip ever (and was almost 9 years ago now, eek!)
- The feeling everyone gets when they know they have just put on the best show they could.
- Our pre-show crew dinners at East Side Marios
- The drama hall (where an awful lot of drama went down)
- The giant tank set piece that Sarah and I spent a ridiculous amount of time in
- The first costume change I ever had to help someone with involved me having to help a guy put a coat on, then put a belt on over the coat. Apparently I am not very good at doing up belts. It was taking much longer than anticipated when he hissed "Crazy person what are you doing?" at me. I was completely horrified at the time, but laugh every time I think about it now.

If you love theatre like I do and want to support a great school with a rich history of theatre click here to see the website and support BCHS!

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