Monday, 25 July 2011


So I just got back from Haliburton last night. Despite the little adventure on the way home (more will be explained with photos below) I had a really fantastic weekend! Here I am on my way, car completely packed on the hottest day ever with a much needed slushy to help keep me cool on the drive.

A view from my booth on the morning of day one. Beautiful day, not too sunny or warm. Perfect!

The booth all setup!

The cats were a little wild back at Jenn and Terry's. Mr. Chewy chilling in the rafters up in the loft.

Smokey Joe hanging out with us at the bar.

Kids were swinging from this rope into the water the whole weekend. If I was not accident prone I would have tried it too. Instead I just took the occasional dip to cool off! Having the lake so close was just another luxury of the show.

A very bright, sunny and HOT day two!

It was bikini time all weekend, and in the heat it was definitely necessary.

Beautiful sunset overlooking Head Lake after the vendor dinner on Saturday night.

So I was heading home after a fantastic weekend, and not long into my drive I hit a deer. I am completely fine, not a scratch on me but I am very lucky for a number of reasons. The deer was small... I didn't hit it head on... I was going through a town and wasn't going too fast... All those kinds of things. Things could have been very bad.... Finally stopped in Beaverton when it was clear the engine was overheating. A few calls to my parents, CAA, and the OPP lead to me finally heading home in a tow truck. The whole thing was a big hero quest. The poor car.....

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