Friday, 30 September 2011

Bijoux Pop-Up Show

This is where being in school gets interesting... trying to balance it and business. In November my work (not me!) will be at the Bijoux Pop-Up Shop at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Details below!

15 Canadian Jewellery Artists
2 weeks: November 3 - 16, 2011
in the Jean and Ross Fischer Gallery

Participating Artists:
Joy Annett Designs, Justine Brooks, lissaBjewelled, C’est Joli, Foe and Dear, Emma Gerard, Eliza Kozurno, Le Petit Beret, Adriana McNeely, Hitokoo, Rebekah Price, Deborah Sanderson, Steel Magnolias, She Smiled and Ran, and Woodbee Design.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

End of September?

Ok, I have been here for a month already. How did that happen? So many studios, so little time. I finally have some ceramics pictures. It's not as easy to take process shots in here since I am always covered in clay. Here is the throwing studio! It stays surprisingly clean considering how many people use the space.

This is one of my bowls from the first assignment! It's in the bisque kiln now!

This is what happens when you take weaving and it consumes your life. All of a sudden you see everything as woven objects.

Speaking of weaving, I made myself a scarf this week!

All the threads from the weft are sewn in, the warp threads at the ends are twisted! I am very happy with how it turned out.

We set up another warp this week with stripes, which I really love. It made setting up the loom a lot easier too. This was the fifth warp I have setup, and it feels like it's getting a little bit easier... I love the plaid!

Experimenting with basket weave.

More experimenting with twill. I really like the colours in this section.

Finally some jewellery! This is my super shiny band ring from last week. Earlier tonight I was working on my mock up for our big ring assignment. Now that I have a 3D model I am quite excited to make it. Although I can't fathom how I am going to polish parts of it...

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

busy busy busy

Having three studios I can go to whenever I want..... Yep, life is pretty great. School is really in full force now, which has naturally left my apartment in a perpetual state of disaster. I love jewellery class so far, I spent a good part of the weekend in the studio working on my piercework sample. I managed to only break a few tiny saw blades too. Making a band ring this week, which means filing, emery paper, and polishing (and hopefully no fire scale....)

Copper pierce work samples!

Tiny puzzle pieces!

Weaving also seems to be consuming my life. I really love the process of weaving. Setting up the loom? Not so much. Welcome to my nightmare. 280 threads, meticulously threaded through all the little loops, then fed through a reed. Thankfully it was tangle free.

Eventually (5 hours later....) the above turns into this.

Despite the nightmare of setting up the loom I really liked the tighter weave from the cotton. I am currently finishing off the edges and ends. Going to try the fancy twisty ends this time. More photos of this sample, and the more experimental one from the same warp to follow eventually.

This happy spider friend joined me for lunch in the weaving studio. It was massive, I was not a happy camper. Nor were the other girls in the studio....

The view from my loom in the weaving studio. I still love that wherever I go in the city I can see amazing old buildings and the ocean. When the sun starts setting it shines really nicely on Dartmouth too.
Soon, I will have some pictures of the ceramics studio....

Monday, 12 September 2011


Even though today was my first jewellery class, I finally have some weaving photos to post! First we have the loom (which I setup all by myself this time, with only a little bit of cursing....)

Though not the straightest.... I am having lots of fun just playing around with colours and patterns and just getting used to what the loom can do!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Back to School!

I have been in Halifax for over a week now, it's all been kind of a whirlwind. Dad and I started driving on August 30th. "Travaux" was the word of the day driving through Quebec.

Arriving in Nova Scotia on the 31st after a night of rest in Edmundson, NB.

This is the view from the ceramics studio at NSCAD's Port campus. During most of the class there was a cruise ship parked in front of the window, but once it moved along the amazing view with the cute little lighthouse was finally revealed.

Tonight's sunset from my apartment!

I am still settling in and getting used to the city and getting used to being back in the routine of school. But I absolutely love it so far, and I am quite sure that going back to school will be the best decision I have ever made.

I am going to try and keep this up to date as best I can throughout the school year, hopefully with lots of pictures of what I am working on... some will follow shortly I am sure.