Tuesday, 20 September 2011

busy busy busy

Having three studios I can go to whenever I want..... Yep, life is pretty great. School is really in full force now, which has naturally left my apartment in a perpetual state of disaster. I love jewellery class so far, I spent a good part of the weekend in the studio working on my piercework sample. I managed to only break a few tiny saw blades too. Making a band ring this week, which means filing, emery paper, and polishing (and hopefully no fire scale....)

Copper pierce work samples!

Tiny puzzle pieces!

Weaving also seems to be consuming my life. I really love the process of weaving. Setting up the loom? Not so much. Welcome to my nightmare. 280 threads, meticulously threaded through all the little loops, then fed through a reed. Thankfully it was tangle free.

Eventually (5 hours later....) the above turns into this.

Despite the nightmare of setting up the loom I really liked the tighter weave from the cotton. I am currently finishing off the edges and ends. Going to try the fancy twisty ends this time. More photos of this sample, and the more experimental one from the same warp to follow eventually.

This happy spider friend joined me for lunch in the weaving studio. It was massive, I was not a happy camper. Nor were the other girls in the studio....

The view from my loom in the weaving studio. I still love that wherever I go in the city I can see amazing old buildings and the ocean. When the sun starts setting it shines really nicely on Dartmouth too.
Soon, I will have some pictures of the ceramics studio....

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