Saturday, 8 October 2011


Well I have had quite the experience in ceramics lately. I got up the other day realizing why I had switched to glass 6 years ago at Sheridan. I was feeling like I needed a balance between the truth to process in ceramics and the anal retentiveness of jewellery. If I could only find a material that was somewhere in the middle. Oh, sort of like glass.... This, of course, led to all kinds of questions about why I am here.

We have been doing lots of technical exercises and samples in all of the studios. Lots of soldering samples in jewellery, lots of practice setting up looms and experimenting with weaving, and lots of cylinders in ceramics. Oh so many cylinders.....

Finally we are starting to move onto bigger projects. A big ring project, a tapestry, and mugs!! Mugs definitely made up for my cylinder frustration. Unlike glass I really enjoy making functional work out of clay. Even more exciting... our next project is bowls!!

mugs and cups!!

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