Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ideas, Inspiration and Plans

I should probably be writing an essay right now. Instead I am eating gummy frogs and writing this.

So I had a midterm critique/chat in weaving today. I'm very happy with how it went, got lots of good feedback from Robin and even discussed how I could push weaving further - specifically as it could pertain to a potential weaving/jewellery crossover. She gave me a few artists to look up, and even gave me some vintage metal threads to experiment with on our final assignment.

Here is a detail of a piece by Mary Lee Hu.

Another Mary Lee Hu piece. I absolutely love this piece. I can really appreciate the skill it takes to make metal look so fluid and organic.

This is a piece by Arline Fisch. She wrote a book called Textile Technique in Metal, which I really hope to possess in the near future. (Notice the italicizing of the book title... look at how much I am learning in writing class....)

More Arline Fisch.

Even more! This one is fantastic, silver pleated twill!

Also today I sat down with someone at NSCAD and mapped out the rest of my time here. I have officially decided to go with the interdisciplinary degree, rather than specializing in jewellery. I will still be taking primarily jewellery from now on, but the interdisciplinary gives me a little more flexibility. It also turns out that half of the courses I signed up for this year are useless towards a jewellery degree. It's so great that I knew that before I registered for classes in the first place.

I am really happy that I finally have an idea of what I need, and there is a plan. And in the grand scheme of things it's not important what is written on my degree when I graduate. It's going to be about what I do with all the skills I am learning here. I could care less about getting a BFA, I am here to learn, regardless of what it says on the fancy expensive piece of paper I get when I leave. It is still difficult at this point to see what will happen, and where I will be when I am done though. I can't even fathom what I will be making even a few weeks from now, let alone next semester, next year and when I graduate.

Someone posted this on facebook a little while ago, and feel like it's so appropriate right now.....

Apparently though, Sheridan thinks I am successful! I was contacted in the summer to be featured as a "Graduate Success Story". The link to it on the Sheridan website can be found here.

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