Friday, 25 November 2011

One of a Kind Withdrawl

I am having major One of a Kind show withdrawl. I was doing so well with not being homesick too, since this last month has been so fantastic in so many ways. It's funny though that something that gave me so much anxiety and provided so much stress would cause this level of homesickness. But I miss all my crafty Toronto people terribly. I miss the feeling of community that comes with doing the shows. That feeling is probably the only thing I miss about the Living Arts Centre. I even find myself missing the community in the glass studio at Sheridan. Being at NSCAD has just been a bit of an adjustment because there are different people in all of my studio classes. It's not a bad thing - just different.

I know all of this will be worth it in the end when I am making really amazing things (that I still can't even fathom yet since I am only at the end of my first semester here).

I am happy to say that very soon I will be done with ceramics! Maybe not forever - but at the very least for a long time. I definitely appreciated ceramics more this time around, the process is just not for me though. There is too much doing, and waiting, and doing, and waiting, and then a bit more doing and oh right, again with the waiting.... But I made some mugs for my final project. I am pretty happy with them, we'll see how much I love them when they are bisqued and glazed... I am hoping they are dry enough to go into a bisque tomorrow.

There are also some very exciting things happening in weaving too! I am working on some scarves for a final project (a preview from one of them is shown below), as well as playing around with weaving metal on a tiny and super cute table loom (pictures will follow... eventually) A very long day of weaving awaits tomorrow......

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