Tuesday, 6 December 2011

End of Semester Madness

Despite a small crisis in ceramics last night I got my mugs glazed this morning and they are currently in the kiln. I am going to take photos of all my glazed stuff at my final crit on Thursday.

Oh and much to the dismay of my back I also finished my weaving. Five scarves!

I was doing some tests with some metal thread. I decided I need to use something different for the warp, so I only did a small sample. There is a website that sells really fine stainless steel and copper thread. You can also get these threads wrapped in silk, cotton, bamboo, and wool. This is what I want to experiment with.

AND I might be a little crazy, but I have recently procured a table loom. The lady who was selling it included so many amazing things with it, including two binders full of samples/patterns. Amazing! It's going to live back in Ontario, as that is where I will likely have the time to experiment with it. I am really excited for it though.

Halifax Crafter's Yuletide Cheer show was this past weekend. I don't feel as bad about missing One of a Kind now. I do not miss telling every single person "It's all made of glass" Every. Single. Person. I think I set a new tear down and home record though = 23 minutes!

Gateaux Rose, one of the vendors, made the most delicious donuts though. I indulged in a few of them both days. They did not last long...

The last major thing I have to worry about is my neckpiece. Lots of progress was made on Monday in class, but I know I still have several hours of work left to do. I have to make a few more components, solder on loopies, then attach them all together (somehow) with jump rings. Oh and then I have to make the chain and catch for it.

It's going to be a long week, but I fly home next Wednesday, so the end is in sight!

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