Thursday, 8 December 2011

Final Crits!

Two down! One to go!

The feeling of dread and foreboding is finally starting to subside (a little bit) especially after my ceramics crit. It wasn't until I got everything out on the table that I realized how much I had made this semester. Here's all my work laid out on the table!

My platter - which I absolutely hated until I glazed it.

One of my altered bowls. I should have taken a pic of the stamp I made as well. The temoku gold glaze worked really well on the texture too.

Composite forms!


Jewellery is the only thing I have to worry about now. Other than some essays that I seem to be avoiding well while I write this. My neck piece has been a little bit of a soldering nightmare. For some of the more crazy connections I needed a third, fourth and fifth arm.

This was the connection from hell. It didn't work, twice. That's when I started to re-evaluate some things. I got some of the chain done today. I am hoping to get it done tomorrow - but that might be a little ambitious. Failing that I still have all weekend.

I guess I better work on my essays now....

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