Friday, 24 February 2012

Break week and War Horse

So far, this week has been exactly what I needed. I got my Blossom City fix. I got to see all the people here who I miss terribly while I am away at school. I got to see lots of cute fat squirrels (which I will admit seems a strange thing to miss, but I have yet to see a squirrel in Halifax) AND I got to see the most beautiful piece of theatre I have seen in a very long time - probably the best since The Lion King. I have said this before but if you have even a passing interest in theatre do yourself a huge favour and go see it. You will not be disappointed. There are so many amazing aspects, the horses are obviously incredible as well as the huge projection screen, the hilarious goose, and the tank! My mum laughed at how my eyes lit up when the tank came on stage since it was inside a tank on stage ten years ago that my love of theatre began.

The puppetry of the horses is absolutely amazing, so much so that after awhile you forget that there are three actors controlling them. There is a TED talk with Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones the creators of the puppets that can be found here and is definitely worth watching.

We got seats in the 4th row orchestra, I have never been that close to the stage for a production like this. Seeing this did exactly what I expected it to do though which was to make me miss theatre, which is about 7 steps backwards from where I am now. This tends to happen every time I see a big production. It's crazy to think that about 8 years ago I was waiting nervously at Sheridan for my interview for the Technical Theatre program. While I am happy to be on the path I am on now, I do wonder sometimes where I would be now if I had infact continued with theatre and gone down that road instead.

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