Monday, 26 March 2012

Slowly but surely

Time really ought to slow down a little bit. There are not enough hours in the day right now. I am making significant progress on my final holloware project. Raising is getting a little easier. I notice a huge improvement in my hammering skills, especially when planishing. Instead of tons of accidental knicks and gouges with the hammer like in the beginning, I can use the hammer to make things smooth and shiny!

This is the top and bottom of my final project. The top is going to be cut in half (it's about halfway there now, would have been done by this point if not for my hatred of cutting disks). More photos to come as this project progresses.

Lots to do still on my production pieces for jewellery. It was so beautiful last week too it was hard to focus on the task at hand. Instead in the calm before the storm I replaced all my emery sticks. Kind of a fresh start right at the end. I went to the glass studio on Saturday and made the rest of my centres for this project. I made twice the amount I needed to so I have lots to choose from! Photos to follow.

Speaking of the beautiful weather, it was so gorgeous on Wednesday and Thursday last week. This city was a completely different place when it was warm, it was a refreshing change to the dreary rain and snow. I went for a walk with my friend Katrina on Citadel Hill. Behold the glory of a sunny Halifax!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Less than a month left?

There are 28 days left in the semester. I honestly don't know where the time went, this semester flew by. I am beginning to feel like there is not enough time to get everything done. I have been consumed lately by applications for shows in the summer, balancing school and business has continued to be an interesting challenge...

I have been working away on my final project for jewellery. I still need to make some more of the glass elements, but it is slowly coming together.

We learned raising in holloware and it almost killed me. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating... but really I did something really horrible to my hand with this sample. It was an interesting process, but probably not one I will use that much for fear of injuring myself further.

Halifax finally got the memo that it's Spring. It's been gorgeous out - not quite the summer temperatures back in Ontario. But I will take what I can get from the weather here, it's generally not very cooperative. Case in point - the forecast for Sunday is "wet flurries". Perfect.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


This box project almost killed me, largely because of the time constraints I was under because I went home for break week.

This is when I thought the hammering texture was a great idea and would save me a bit of time. Boy was I wrong - though in the end I was happy with the texture. This was in the beginning when I was still terrified of soldering giant pieces like this.

Bottom soldered! No disasters yet!

So then after a long discussion with Kye about how to do the lid, it evolved into this.... I was skeptical that her suggestion for the lid would be easier/faster but it actually was in the end. A lot of steps, a lot of soldering but fairly simple to do.

All the edges are done, ready for patina!

All jaxed!