Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Weaving

I setup my tiny loom (a relative term... only small compared to the big floor looms) on Friday!  One of the nicest ladies ever, Marie Payne, helped me figure out my ancient loom.  She had never seen one like it! It needs a little cleaning up and some TLC but it's a great little loom.  I do not miss setting up the warp though, my back is still recovering. 

Marie also gave me her extra copy of this amazing pattern book.  We used to refer to this book all the time at school.  Of course, I could not just pick a simple pattern to start out with.  I am glad I still remember how to read draft patterns, otherwise I would have been in big trouble. 

I have only done a little bit so far, hoping to get more done throughout the week.  This photo doesn't really show the colours too well, but the warp is blue and teal, and the weft is a light mint green.

I also went for a quick visit to the Beyond the Valley Studio Tour to see Paull Rodrigue's studio and his guest the lovely Sandra Greenwood and her jewellery.  It's crazy to think that it was about 4 years ago that I started working for Paull, which is around the same time that I graduated from Sheridan.  Maybe all those youngins at NSCAD are right. I am old! 

Anyway, Paull let me make something, which considering I haven't really blown glass for 2 years was sort of a sad display.  If I had some kind of plan it might not have been such a disaster, that was always my experience at Sheridan that when I went in to the shop without a plan.  No plan = disaster, always. 

This is Paull making a "peanut".  Basically just a big bubble that when popped, makes a very loud *bang* noise.  I remember him scaring the crap out of these old ladies that came into the shop when I was working there.  Amazing. 

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