Friday, 8 June 2012

Kindred: In Blue & White

Well, it's been an interesting week.  A night out to see some friends and art was just what I needed.  Could have done without the car stopping on the highway and the tow truck ride home though. 

The show "Kindred: In Blue & White" is fantastic, definitely worth checking out. It's on until the end of June so go, seriously!  Krystal Speck and Heather Dahl's ceramics complimented each other so well.   

Krystal and Heather also have a blog just for their joint efforts. Also worth checking out.

This morning I got to enjoy my chocolate milk in my new dahlhaus mug! 

Now after all of this excitement, I need to get ready for the Beaches show.  Setup is tonight, and thankfully the car is working again so that I can actually schlep my stuff to Toronto. 


krystal said...

Thanks for the report Emma! You always end up having the craziest stuff happen -- tow truck? Ack!

Hope to see you in the Beaches tomorrow or Sunday!

Emma Gerard said...

Oh Krystal, that's what life does to keep me on my toes. It always throws adventures my way.

Hope I get to see you again this weekend. I will be poised for a paparazzi attack.

Congrats again on a fab show!

ps - nice Shannon G-rad pic!