Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Fun

It's been a really busy month so far, and I finally have some time to do a proper update!  The beginning of July means the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and this year I saw a lot of fantastic work.  Including: 

Toronto Transformed, Harry Enchin

Anna Williams

I saw her work at LA Pai Gallery in Ottawa as well.  This piece is one of my favourites. 

Jason Holley

Jason's ceramic work was amazing. I personally love making one material mimic another, so I really appreciated his work.  Also exciting is that Jason has been nominated for the RBC Emerging Artist People's Choice Award. 

At the show, my friend Clayton showed me photos from an exhibition he just had.  He made 180 glass lite brite pegs for an installation!  You can see all the pictures on the Balance Glassworks facebook page here.

UPDATE: Clayton made this amazing video showing his process. It's all in the style of an old 8-bit video game.  Watch it here.

I also bought a few things for myself, it was necessary.  I bought this fantastic cup from Brad Copping (who also won an award for Best in Glass at the show) 

And I have been coveting these for awhile and finally got them! Poppy earrings from Julie Moon

After the Guelph show I went to Ottawa for a quick visit. I spent a lovely afternoon on Thursday doing some business and enjoying the sunshine in Byward Market.  I ate what the locals call an "Obama Cookie" and then (of course) had to visit the candy store. 

I dropped off some work at Flock Boutique in Westboro.  The shop is so beautiful and I recognized a lot of the great handmade goods!  I have a small selection of the candy jewellery there to try out until Christmas.

I also went to LA Pai gallery to pick up some work and drop off a few new(ish) larger necklaces.  It's always nice to meet and talk face to face with people you are so used to communicating with over email. 

Next a trip to the National Gallery of Canada! 

Some spider love with the Louise Bourgeois sculpture. 

The Van Gogh show was really great.  I had only ever seen some of his more famous paintings so it was nice to see such a huge selection of his work.  There were various quotes in the different exhibition halls, this one was one of my favourites: 

I got a brand new sketchbook at the NGC giftshop. I haven't finished my last one, but I thought it would be good to start the school year off with a fresh start.  I also got a fantastic book called: Steal Like and Artist by Austin Kleon.  I have only flipped through it so far but I think I will bring it for some night time reading in Haliburton this weekend. 

There is a shop in Westboro that has all kinds of really fantastic things. They have lots of well designed kitchen gadgets which I love! I bought a matching egg timer to go with my measuring cup and spoons. 

AND since the moment I saw this, I wanted one.  Well now I finally have one!  Optimism obtained! 

Another highlight of my Ottawa trip was (finally) seeing Wicked! I have waited years and years to see this.  While not my favourite stage production I have ever seen (it's definitely in my top 4, behind The Lion King, War Horse and Joseph) it was still an incredible production.  The set was breathtaking and the transitions between scenes were seamless. 

Now I am home and gearing up for the Haliburton show which I leave for on Thursday.  An important thing on my to do list was to buy a new quote book as I had just finished my second one after more than 8 years!  Unless I have an onslaught of hilarious people around me I will probably be in my 30s by the time this one is filled.  A scary thought.  

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