Thursday, 12 July 2012

Worldwide Candy

So I have some pretty amazing friends and people in my life that obviously know me very well.  Whenever someone goes on a trip somewhere they bring me back the most amazing candy from around the world. 

My friend Karen visited Japan with her family last year and brought me back the most adorable candy.  I haven't even eaten any of it yet because I love it so much, though I guess now that it is well documented I can!

The only sushi I will ever like: 

Karen also brought me back the world's largest sour candy necklace from a recent trip to California which I am currently wearing and eating. 

My friend Aimee went to Austria for a week long adventure and brought me back this fantastic chocolate in a cute little tin.  Love it!

I was just house/cat sitting for a lady who works with my dad and I was not expecting her to get me anything.  But as a thank you she brought these tasty honey candies back with her from Paris! 

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