Monday, 27 August 2012

The End of the Summer and Ottawa

So I leave for Halifax in three days. I really don't know where this last month went. One thing I did was go to Ottawa for the Art in the City show in Confederation Park. Generally the less said about this show the better, but I met a lot of lovely people, the friendly locals were pretty funny and I got some orders out of it. So all in all, not bad. My favourite part of the show is that it is my last for the summer and I don't have to say "it's all made out of glass" until at least next May!

One of my show neighbours was Laura Kaardal. Her paintings are fantastic! Laura and her boyfriend were so friendly and helpful this weekend. Shows are always so much better when you are surrounded by amazing people!

Another great part of my visit was staying with my lovely host Gabe Thirlwall. You may know her work, she makes fingers puppets of all the Canadian politicians!

I stopped in Picton on my way to Ottawa for a quick and much needed visit with a friend. Picton is such a cute little town. A view from the harbour downtown:

My friend Aimee Buikema was a guest artist in a show at Arts on Main Gallery downtown Picton. Here she is with one of her paintings. She even sold one that day! Apparently it was just minutes after we were there.

Aimee took me to Sandbanks! I had never been there and it was so beautiful. I badly needed a beach day, and Sandbanks provided. I only wish I could have stayed longer!

I also went to Nortel on my way to Ottawa. I went for two colours I left with a handful of new Creation is Messy colours. I had one last day in the studio the other day and I made some more things to experiment with when I get back to school!

Stay tuned for the next post from Nova Scotia!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Experimentation and Organization

I had a little bit of extra studio time after getting all my orders and commissions done so I decided to do some experiments that I can bring back to school with me.  Usually when I go into the studio without a plan it ends in disaster, thankfully not the case this time.  I was really excited to play with a new palette of colours that had nothing to do with candy. 

Another really exciting thing I did was organize all of my colour.  I had it all organized in a certain way when I was at the Living Arts Centre in full candy production mode, and since then my collection of colours has divided and seemingly multiplied. I love finally being organized!

Also, my friend Anna Zygowski was showing me one of her knitting machines.  It is really cool to see what is possible with other materials.  

This pattern is really fantastic, though it's made on a different type of knitting machine (Anna has many).  How cozy does this look?

Anna talks more about her knitting machine on her blog

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Positive Things

Last May I started a journal (generally I hate keeping journals because after a week or so I have abandoned it).  This journal was different.  After a particularly bad day last year I was talking to a friend on the phone who told me that she would hang up on me unless I told her one positive thing that had happened that day.  Over the next few days  she continued to prompt me for more positivity.  Then I decided to keep a record of this for myself, so I grabbed a notebook. 

While there have been a lot of ups and downs since I started, this has really helped me focus on the positive amongst a year of changes.  There are obviously some bigger life events and frustrations that are not as easily forgotten but those little day to day annoyances are gone. 

This is sort of the same way that my quote book works for me.  I remember lots of very happy moments vividly because of a funny one liner. 

This was not always easy though.  There have been a few times I almost gave up on it completely and one day where all I wrote was "bacon".  But the glory of the whole thing is that on that wonderful bacon filled day something was obviously bothering me, and to this day I can't think of what it was.  All I know is that there was bacon and that it made me happy.  Now it's time to start a new book! 

Things that make me happy today: It's international Cat Day! (Seriously, it's real thing) 

Flash is eager to celebrate