Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Experimentation and Organization

I had a little bit of extra studio time after getting all my orders and commissions done so I decided to do some experiments that I can bring back to school with me.  Usually when I go into the studio without a plan it ends in disaster, thankfully not the case this time.  I was really excited to play with a new palette of colours that had nothing to do with candy. 

Another really exciting thing I did was organize all of my colour.  I had it all organized in a certain way when I was at the Living Arts Centre in full candy production mode, and since then my collection of colours has divided and seemingly multiplied. I love finally being organized!

Also, my friend Anna Zygowski was showing me one of her knitting machines.  It is really cool to see what is possible with other materials.  

This pattern is really fantastic, though it's made on a different type of knitting machine (Anna has many).  How cozy does this look?

Anna talks more about her knitting machine on her blog

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