Thursday, 31 January 2013

Talented Friends

Friends and fellow NSCADians Katrina Craig and Darren Pottie just had an exhibition (Oh, Then I See Queen Mab Hath Been With You) at the Anna Leonowens Gallery and I wanted to share the greatness.  I had a lot of fun modelling for one of the photos despite the fact that it was pretty cold when we did the shoot.  Though with how the weather has been here lately I will take 3 degrees over -25 with windchill we had last week. 

The textiles work was beautiful and the photos turned out so great.  The best part was getting to see the Craig parents when they came to check out their daughter's handiwork! 

Their description of the show: Based on an unusual dream involving spiders, birth and transformation, A fashion/textile and photo collaboration aims to transport to another world through reaction and emotion.

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