Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Busy February

I sort of wish I could just post a bunch of pictures and run away from this post.  I am surprised I can form complete sentences at this point (Midterm = No Sleep).  So this will be a little stingy on the writing side, but there will be plenty of pictures!

First I have made lots of progress on my milkweed seeds, I am getting exactly the look that I want.  Now I just have to make a bunch of them, which I thankfully have all the components for.  I am very much hoping to get them done by the end of the weekend. 

I have also made a fair amount of progress on the lotus pods.  I have made a lot of silly mistakes in the process of these guys, it's slowly coming together. 

Enamelling and I have been on shaky terms this week.  I am not entirely sure if we are friends right now.... Right now we are working on a collaboration project.  First we had to make something, then it was handed to someone else to change, and then again to someone else before finally coming back to the original artist.  This is how mine started: 

I don't have pictures of what happened to it in the process, but our instructor Lillian told us that once we got our piece back we could respond to it however we liked, even if that meant making a new piece (as long as said piece was informed by what we learned).  I decided to make earrings because I liked the smaller scale and I also wanted the challenge of trying to make two that matched. 

One enamelled.... 

The back:

Both enamelled (and finally not cracking) and ready for the e-bath. 

I was playing with some colours a few weeks back in terms of the growth work.  I thought I liked where these were going, but the opaques just weren't cutting it. 

a test with the mushroom too:

I did decide that I did still want to enamel them, but just not with the colourful opaques.  I used some flux (fancy enamel talk for clear), that brings the colour of the copper through, but still allows you to see the depth of the little beakies. 

I am applying for a call for entry with these pieces so I even took a fancy picture of them too. 

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