Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Graduate

I should probably have more to say after two years of school, but the last month and a half has been a whirlwind.  Between finishing up projects at school, critiques, packing my entire life up and saying goodbyes, getting home, doing shows, and attending the SNAG conference and trying to setup up a work space there has been no time to sit down and write about everything that's on my mind.  I am going to have to do this in a few parts so as to not overwhelm myself more than I already am. 

Maybe I will just post a few pictures from the end of school, sound good? 

My cursed enamelled lady all done:

So many silky earrings:

Even more silky earrings setup on my bench getting ready for final crit:

And then school ended, but the fun was not over yet.  I was a model for my friend Katrina Craig's beautiful work in the Wearable Art Show.  Getting my hair done was an adventure.  Two people were back combing my hair at one point.  This mid-process shot will amuse:

My legs shook so much as I was walking down the runway because I was so nervous.  Apparently no one could tell, so that's good right?

Pam (another NSCAD student) wears the second piece. 

and Lizane (also a NSCAD student) models the third piece

After the show it was finally time for reality to sink in and to finish packing.  Boy am I ever going to miss this view.... 

Though a bit of a reluctant hero, Alphonse was ready for his trip back to Ontario. 

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