Saturday, 31 August 2013

Crochet Obsession

You may remember my last foray into crocheting, which also happened to be my first.  It started with one crocheted flower, and quickly multiplied into a blanket with 320 flowers.  Click HERE for a quick reminder.

Well I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing lately and getting rid of all kinds of stuff I don't need or use anymore.  I de-stashed a bunch of awful yarn that I was never going to use and rediscovered some other fun yarn. 

This is what started it all:

I naively thought: "Oh I will just make a few squares."  Within three hours that turned into a trip to Michaels to get more yarn, and photoshop planning of what my new blanket will look like. 

I told myself that if I was going to obsess about this, then I was at least going to learn something new.  So one of the block patterns I picked had the little bobbles!  To my surprise they weren't all that difficult either.  

I love this pattern:

This one is really simple, and I love the nice spring green:

In trying to remember how to crochet and getting back at it I have a better appreciation for how much easier crocheting is than knitting.  I remember when I had learned how to knit how impossible I thought crocheting was.  This attitude may have been helped along by the fact that my mum almost gave up trying to teach me because I was "too neurotic and fingery" for crocheting.

This blanket will be a little bit more simple than my flower insanity.  Only 48 squares!  I already have thirteen and a half done too!  By the time I am done it may actually be cold enough to use the blanket too! 


candice said...

I was a knitter first, too, and I thought the same thing about crochet! why is that?? I love crochet so much more than I ever enjoyed knitting. Your flower blanket is awesome! I've been wanting to do one like it. Can't wait to see how your new blanket turns out - you've inspire me :)

Emma Gerard said...

My aunt taught me to knit, and I learned the "European" style of knitting, which I find much easier than the traditional way. My mum and I have opposite knitting styles and we were trying to teach each other our ways and it was a disaster!

I like crocheting because if you screw up, it's a lot easier to fix! I recently found a beautiful knitting pattern that I considered using for this blanket, but I watched a video tutorial on youtube and it was WAY too complicated!

Glad to see I have inspired someone. Hopefully you aren't like me and are capable of crocheting in moderation!